Unternehmens-Historie / Geschichte der Impuls Verschleißtechnik

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KW Sonne

Development is the beginning of success

The development of Impuls Verschleisstechnik is closely tied to the development of metal wear-resistant technology. Especially with the introduction of processing HARDOX special steel , our company has provided new momentum for a long- term business success. Since its founding in 1994, out of the basic idea of applying wear-reducing techniques and procedures in the lignite finishing, many other business sectors developed in which we today can offer customers our products and services form a single source.

The history of Impuls Verschleisstechnik finds its origin in open-cast mines. In the midst of the lignite mining area in the Lausitz area and shaped by decades of technological developments in the coal-refinement, know-how could be generated, which has influenced the later success of the company significantly. Through continuous investment in the company as well as the development of new markets, our company is strongly positioned for the future.

History – in numbers


  • Centralization of form finished refurbishing in the former briquette factory "Sonne" in Freienhufen and gradual transfer of production for the Braunkohlekombinat Senftenberg
  • Different experimental procedures and the use of surface coating by deposition welding with Zi 218 for shape tools


  • Switch to water- soluble paste Zis 218 W for strip manufacturing


  • Testing and implementation of Zis 13-03 and complete replacement of Zis 218 W


  • Development and testing of robot technology to form lighter armor with plast related additional materials on spools
  • First tests to bring up hardfacing on forming components of compacters with different cored wires


  • Use of automatic welding machines for cored wire and complete detachment of Zis - paste strips


  • Spin-off of the workshop through a management buy-out (originally under the name "VT -Verschleisstechnik")
  • Gradual expansion of the performance profile outside of the mining industry


  • Takeover of the workshop " IMPULS" in Senftenberg, due to steady business growth and increasing lack of capacity at the old location Freienhufen in order to meet the growing demands of new markets
  • Company is renamed "Impuls Verschleißtechnik GmbH"
  • Start and establish the processing of HARDOX® wear plate > first-ever use of HARDOX® - cutting edges on mining equipment in the lignite region Lausitz
  • Production of multiple layered surfaced plates for the LAUBAG



  • Profiling of the workshop for the regeneration and new production of wear parts through extensive investment in machinery and equipment and the acquisition of the minor welding qualification certificate
  • Acquisition and first use of a plasma cutting machine (Kjellberg PA75)
  • Closure of the workshop location Freienhufen


  • Extension of the machinery by a new CNC flame cutting machine with graining device for a sheet size of 2.5m x 6.0m (approximately 98.5 x 236,5 Inches)
  • Creation and development of a stock for plates incl. a crane
  • Expansion of the fleet by purchasing a 13tons truck with large loading area for the independent supply to our customers


  • of the entire company premises " IMPULS" as well as investment in the modernization of washrooms , office , etc., and modification of the hall, outsourcing of welding as an independent department in hall II


  • Construction of a powder plasma welding system for producing extremely wear-resistant coating layers


  • Modernization of the welding-on machine by building and using a numeric control (NC)


  • Investment in cutting technology > modernization through the purchase of a new autogenous cutting machine


  • Investments in machining > Extension by acquiring two used boring mills


  • Buying a CNC milling center for automated further mechanical processing of our manufactured wear parts


  • Acquisition of an additional, larger CNC milling center and thus expanding the performance level of the machining section


  • Establishment of a paint shop in hall II for anti-corrosion painting of wear parts


  • Expansion of machining capability through the acquisition of a new CNC turning and milling center , thus possibility for automated production and processing of bushings, shafts and other round parts


  • Investment in welding-on > purchase an automatic welding-on machine for three -dimensional components


  • Introduction and certification of a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Impuls celebrates 20th anniversary :)