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:: Remanufacturing ::

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With remanufacturing we understand the reprocessing of wear parts due to wear and damaged components and assemblies. On the one hand this can be done by reconditioning existing wear parts (eg layer welding ) and the other by the replacement of parts.

During operation of machines it comes to wear on different locations , which can then lead to a total failure of the entire system / machine. This results in the remanufacture or replacement of parts or assemblies after appropriate. The possibility of remanufacturing depends primarily on the state and the degree of wear of the respective parts.

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The advantages of remanufacturing are obvious:

  • High cost savings compared to new production
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Increased effectiveness of your machines and equipment

:: Remanufacturing instead of new production ::

These are some examples for the remanufacture of different parts:

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