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:: Wear parts made of HARDOX® wear plate ::

HARDOX is a swedish, highly wear-resistant steel which has a unique combination of material properties. These wear plates are characterized by a very high degree of hardness , extreme toughness and good workability. Hardox was brought to the global market in 1974 by the Swedish company SSAB AB, the first of its kind wear plate, and is still regarded as a leader in this field.

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Material properties and dimensions

Hardox is available in various grades hardness and thicknesses. Thus, it is possible to choose the right wear plate for any purpose. In general, we obtain and process all sheet thicknesses and sheet grades with dimensions of 2500 x 6000mm. In special cases or customer requirements , larger dimensions can be offered.

HARDOX wear plate :: A sheet for all wear matters ::

Hardox wear plate is available in the following grades and sheet thicknesses:

Thickness / Hardness / Product Range Hardox wearplate

Tabulated list of Hardox-program and data sheets

  • Hardness
  • Thickness
  • Data sheet (pdf)

Hardox HiTuf

Hardox HiTemp

Hardox 400

Hardox HiAce

Hardox 450

Hardox 500

Hardox 500 Tuf

Hardox 550

Hardox 600

Hardox Extreme (up to 700HB)

Round steel bars and tubes / pipes made of Hardox are also available:

Diameter / Dimension / Hardness / Product Range Hardox-round bar and tubes / pipes

Tabulated list of Hardox round bar and tubes / pipes program and data sheets

  • Güte
  • Dimension/Thickness
  • Data sheet (pdf)

Hardox Round bar (Hardox 400)

Hardox Round bar (Hardox 500)

Hardox Tubes / Pipes (Hardox 400)

Hardox Tubes / Pipes (Hardox 500)

Of course, we are able to process all dimensions (cutting , machining, etc. )

Application of Hardox wear plate in the form of manufactured wear parts

:: Applications of HARDOX wear plate ::


Because of its different sheet thicknesses and qualities, the whole range of Hardox wear plates can be used in a very wide range of applications in all industries and business sectors. The respective HARDOX varieties are used in the following applications:

  • Hardox HiTuf
  • Cutting edges, demolition and tear tools
  • Hardox 400
  • Crushers, screens, feeders metering devices, conveyor buckets, cutters, conveying equipment, excavator bucket , blades, gears and sprockets, dump trucks, loading shovels, trucks, truck bodies, excavator, conveyor pipes, screw conveyors, presses, etc.
  • Hardox 450
  • Dump trucks, containers, crushers, screens, feeders, metering devices, slides, cutting, conveying equipment , excavator buckets, blades, gears and sprockets, loading shovels, excavators, delivery pipes
  • Hardox 500
  • Crushers, screens, feeders, metering devices, conveyor buckets, cutting, conveying equipment, excavator buckets, blades, gears and sprockets
  • Hardox 550
  • Chutes, wear strips, slides, feeders, screens, crushers, shredders, hammers , crushers, metering , conveyor bucket, cutting, conveying equipment, excavator bucket , gears and sprockets
  • Hardox 600
  • Guide plates, chutes, slides, crushers, shredders, hammer, cutters
  • Hardox Extreme
  • Linings, cutting devices, arrage devices, chutes, crushers, hammers

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